Catherine Painvin

ADLER Gallery

By 2008, her woollen throws have become so heavy that Catherine eventually converts the pieces into wall hangings and then frames them as artwork.

In a few months, Catherine has created 38 artworks, each measuring 2.5 x 1.25 metres or 1.25 x 1.25 m.

She glues, nails, and assembles into rows hundreds of Laguiole knives, ornate with their signature bee and horn handle, silk fabrics, pendants and beads, heart shaped cut-outs of different types of cloth, stones, pieces of wood, ribbons, braided strands, and further memorabilia from faraway lands where she once sojourned.

Through art she celebrates the feline personalities whom she cherishes most: Michael Jackson, Coco Chanel, Hemingway, the Rolling Stones, Peter Beard, Karen Blixen, Jean-Louis Dumas-Hermès, and Ralph Lauren.

Catherine’s exhibition lasted over two months and was met with great success. The originality of her pieces left a lasting impression on visitors, many of whom admitted to being struck by the uniqueness of her work, remarking on her complete departure from a brand style featuring pink and blue toddler attires.

Since her first days as a designer, however, she had been faced with a particularly painful breakup and had spent several seasons beaten by the harsh climate of the plains of Aubrac.

Espace Pierre Ier de Serbie Gallery

In 2010, she keeps up a similar trend and showcases 150 photographs by her own partner, Jean Michel Voge. She infuses his art with her own creative touch and designs bespoke picture frames adapted to the subject, or landscape of each photograph.

New York, India, Ethiopia, Japan, and the plains of Aubrac are centre-stage in this exhibition sale held at the Espace Pierre Ier de Serbie gallery.