Catherine Painvin

Comptoir d'Aubrac

In 2000, Catherine sets her heart on Place d’Aubrac, centre square of a picturesque French village in the Gévaudan area. With the help of a handful of friends from Mongolia, she converts a 1200m2 ageing Hotel comprising of 48 rooms into an alternative Guest House off the beaten tracks.

In true trend-setter fashion, she sets up three wonderful Yurts fully furnished with hand-painted furniture. Among her guests are pilgrims stopping by, taking a break on St James’s Trail to rest for a night or perhaps longer before resuming their walk to Santiago de Compostela.

She designs and decorates fifteen bedrooms and as many bathrooms, two spacious living-rooms, and two dining-rooms, drawing inspiration from surrounding landscapes and her travels around the world.

The venue will take you from Africa to Nepal through Scotland, the Himalayas, Mongolia, then back to the beechwood forests and slates of lauze stone of Aubrac.